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About Me

Vicki Hennig

A Dog’s Life: 20 Years, 24 Dogs, and Me. 


It all began in 1996 when I decided to raise my first Seeing Eye puppy. After that, I never looked back. He was a gorgeous and goofy Labrador Retriever named Justin. He stole my heart from the minute he arrived. Raising Justin was such a rewarding experience, I continued to raise more puppies for The Seeing Eye. Twenty-four to be exact. 


Five years after Justin, I was offered a full time job at The Seeing Eye as an Area Coordinator in Puppy Development—a liaison between The Seeing Eye and its volunteer puppy raising families. For the next 15 years, I supported and guided thousands of families who were fostering Seeing Eye puppies from 7 weeks through 15 months of age. Each puppy I placed had his or her own distinctive personality. It was my charge to mentor families and help them find that balance between celebrating each puppy’s individual spirit while teaching them basic obedience, house manners, socialization and most importantly, to love and trust people. From the very shy puppy to the puppy that would rule the roost; from the always on the go-go puppy to the puppy that was happy to lay by your side; I had the privilege to work with them all!


When I made the move to beautiful NSB I knew I couldn’t give up my love for dogs. That’s how Dogs Out and About with Vicki got its start. I wanted to continue my passion for dogs while at the same time provide pet owners with a top-notch option for pet care services. In addition to providing in-home loving care for your pet the way you want it, I specialize in getting dogs out and about--to help provide them with positive experiences through recreational outings and socialization. I am licensed, insured, and bonded. 


I am cat-friendly, too. Murphy, my 15-year-old orange tabby cat, made the move to NSB with us. He rules our roost and we recognize his role in keeping the last 20 (or so) Seeing Eye puppies in line. I love all animals! Ask me about providing exceptional care for your other pets.

Vicki with GSD Iggy

Vicki with GSD Iggy, one of many Seeing Eye pups-in-training

Murphy hanging out with GSD Rocky

"I've known Vicki for 8 years now, and she's taught my dogs a lot. Thanks to her expertise they are both socialized pups as well as crate trained angels."

Barbie Duke

"Vicki is simply the best! Knowledgable and experienced with socializing pups. She's helped prepare hundreds of puppies for guide work. You won't find anyone better to care for your pet."

Lauren Christie

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